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Rita Ora’s innovative glitter hairstyle is a nod to the ’90s


No, this is not a ’90s flashback — it’s real life. Rita Ora rocked glitter hair gel.

The last time I used glitter gel had to be 1998. The stuff was huge at the time. But so was glitter lotion, glitter nail polish and glitter eyeshadow.

So when I saw this photo of Rita Ora, all of my teenage dreams came flooding back and I longed to just flip open a Delia*s and order some jelly shoes and an inflatable chair for my basement room.

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Gold finger @ritaora

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Ora’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, brought this glitter hair gel look back and he did it in a grown-up, soft, sexy way. After creating finger waves around her face, he outlined the outer edges in purple glitter gel, so they were structurally a part of the ‘do, adding a touch of sparkle and color.

Upon doing a little search, I also found that the fine folks at Nasty Gal created a little glitter hair and makeup how-to for anyone ready to dabble again. Oh and also, they still definitely sell the stuff, for anyone wondering.

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