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Stop the presses: Ombre is out, sombre is in


Hang on to your blond ends, everyone, because there’s a new hair color trend that just rolled in and the highlight town ain’t big enough for the two of ’em.

The only thing? The new sombre look is pretty darn similar to our beloved ombre.

So maybe let’s keep our pants on. But first, the details.

Sombre just means ‘softer’ ombre. OK, so far so good. And apparently celebrities (Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, for example) are throwing the dramatic, grown-out beach look to the curb in place of a softer, more gradual… grown-out beach look.

Essentially with sombre, the roots to ends, two-tone color transition will be much more subtle and soft than ombre. It will still leave the ends brighter and lighter, but the whole thing will look a little less unemployed surfer and a little more sun goddess.

The good news? It’s still a minimal-upkeep ‘do for those of us sick of emptying the bank on highlights. And it still has that natural look that was so appealing about ombre in the first place (RIP).

So do you buy into the hype? Isn’t this what some of us have been telling our stylists when we get ombre anyway?

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