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What you should know about dyeing your hair violet

Rainbow hair is hardly a novelty in Hollywood.

This year’s darling hair colors? Blue and purple. While they might look edgy and cool on hot celebs like Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, Kylie Jenner and Kesha, these two hues aren’t to be attempted without a bit of planning. We chatted with PRAVANA Artistic Director Vadre Grigsby to get the scoop on what you should consider before taking the plunge.

Consider your natural hair color first

First things first, before you go ahead and dye your hair a bold blue or a pretty purple, consider your level of dedication to your new look. “One thing to consider is the commitment. These colors are long-lasting shades and don’t easily remove from the hair. Also, be ready for people to stop you on the street and tell you they love your hair!” Grigsby says.

Another factor to consider? Your natural hair color. For darker hair, Grigsby recommends opting for a darker hue such as magenta or violet, while naturally light gals can more easily go for lighter variations of blue and violet.

Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner with blue hair

Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

How long it takes to dye your hair purple

We’re curious: How long will we be sitting in a salon chair before we enjoy the colorful fruits of our labor? “The amount of time and process of applying blue/purple all depends on the starting level of lightness. Once the suggested level of lightness is achieved, application is a breeze,” Grigsby says. Her go-to process when using VIVIDS hair color goes a little like this: Apply the color directly on the hair, process for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse and voila.

The maintenance involved

You’ll have to think about maintenance. As with any new hair color, you’re going to want to preserve the life of your new hue by taking some preventative measures. To extend your color, Grigsby recommends using a color-specific line like VIVIDS Aftercare Shampoo, Conditioner and Sealing Spray. And of course, the typical color care tips also apply here — stay out of the sun, wash your hair less and with cool water, you know the drill. “Dry shampoo is also a great tool to prevent shampooing as often,” she says.

Ironically, though, Grigsby explained that it’s actually less stressful to maintain a blue or purple hue than say maintaining a switch from black to blond: “The great thing about these shades though is the variance of colors that you get as the colors fade. For example, a bright violet eventually transitions into a beautiful, sheer lavender.”

Whether you decide to make the move from your natural hue to an eye-catching color like purple or blue or not, it’s comforting to know that the trend is accessible at the very least. “Blue and violet colors are so universally flattering that quite seriously every skin tone can rock it! We are seeing this trend move into its own ombre, mermaid-style, which really allows a greater spectrum of blue/violet variations on the same head of hair,” Grigsby says.

Have fun with it ladies, it’s only hair!

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