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Fall beauty fixes industry experts swear by 

When you work in the beauty industry, you’re constantly picking up new tips and tricks to make your primping routine a bit easier. Lucky for us, we were able to round up 10 awesome beauty experts who were nice enough to share their best beauty tips for fall with us (and their product picks for the season). Enjoy!

1) Give your skin some TLC with a humidifier

Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, says your best fall skin fix is easier than you might think: “Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom. It will add just enough moisture to the environment to give your skin the chance to do some real healing. For those who are afraid of the bacteria that sometimes can accumulate in a humidifier, you can even get a little one that attaches to a mini water bottle.”

Favorite fall beauty product: “At the end of the summer going into fall, the sunscreen that we’ve used is clogging pores, most people have suffered sun damage and their skin looks dull and dehydrated, really clogged. Fall treatments for me include really great exfoliation. I like to have people do my Exfoliating Mask and even sleep in the mask overnight so it stays on the face for a long time to clean out the pores. Another great at home fall beauty mask is combining yogurt with honey.”

2) Say bye bye to dry, dull skin

Taliah Ferguson

Taliah Ferguson, SheKnows Expert and style blogger at Fashion Was Here, is all about moisture and glowing skin for the fall: “For dry skin sufferers or ones who want a sheen finish with uber soft skin, mixing your daily lotion with an oil like Jason’s Vitamin E oil makes your skin feel and look radiant. I use Nivea’s lotion with about two drops of vitamin oil for each application. My skin stays moisturized all day and never dries out. It’s great for colder, harsher climates. Bonus: The scent from the oil is divine.”

Favorite fall beauty product: Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam

3) Nails need moisture too!

Hiroko Fujikawa

MARS the Salon owner Hiroko Fujikawa suggests giving your cuticles a little extra attention when the temperature drops: “During the fall, cuticles can look dry and cracked which can ruin any look. I would suggest using the MARS cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized and looking fresh. In doing so, all your fall stand-out nail designs will continue to be the center of attention!

Favorite fall beauty product: Essie Wicked Nail Polish. It works for every season and every occasion.”

4) Have fun with deeper fall fragrances

Kela Walker

Kela Walker, SheKnows Expert and creator of Kéla’s Kloset, changes her fragrance as soon as fall arrives: “Fall is a great time to change your fragrance and opt for scents with a little more substance than the light and fruity ones of summer. My favorite is Stella by Stella McCartney. It has very soft rose and dark amber notes that make it just right for the entry to fall and cooler days.”

Favorite fall beauty product: “SheaMoisture Shea Butter infused with Coconut & Hibiscus — to shield against the chill. Plus it provides great hydration and helps to maintain my tan by naturally brightening skin.”

5) Fall is the perfect time to switch up your hair color

Cortney Peck

Photo credit: Jeremy Fraga

Cortney Peck, stylist at Boston’s Jeffrey Lyle Salon, always tells her clients that fall is a great time to switch up your hair color: “My best fall hair tip would be: Just as the leaves change colors in the fall, talk to your stylist about color change. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but often a change in tone or highlight placement can tone things down from the brighter hues of summer.”

Favorite fall beauty product: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil

6) Transition your nail polish colors slowly

Laura Bronner

Laura Bronner, Gloss48 co-founder, has the transitional nail game nailed: “At the beginning of a new season, I’m always excited to shift to the new, seasonal nail collections. However, the shift from summer brights to deep fall darks can be a bit jarring. I like to ease the transition with a mix of summer pastels on my toes (coral or mint) and taupe or light gray on my hands.”

Favorite fall beauty product: “Rituel de Fille is a natural, super-pigmented line that exudes style. If Vogue Magazine created a cosmetic line, it would look something like this. I love their Forbidden Lipstick in Fortuneteller. It’s a gorgeous, bold bordeaux — perfect for fall!”

7) You can still rock a dewy look even when it’s cooler out!

Elle Leary

Celebrity makeup artist and Colorescience fan Elle Leary says she loves to give skin an extra boost after applying makeup in the fall: “It is easy for skin to look dry and dehydrated when the weather gets cold, so I love to use a moisturizing toner or setting spray at the end of the application. After you have done all of your foundation, blush and powder, spray a few spritzes of the mist all over your face. This makes the skin look more lifelike and hydrates the powder.”

Favorite fall beauty product: Colorescience Skin Bronzing Primer is a must for fall!! We all want to hold on to a little bit of color from the summer and this primer will do that. It leaves the skin feeling protected, soft and with a hint of color. Tip: Use on the outside portions of the face for that sun-kissed glow.”

8) Hair changes are as simple as switching up your part

Sunnie Brook Jones

Sunnie Brook Jones, Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist, suggests a brand new ‘do for a brand new season: “Fall is a time to change things up with either a new haircut or style. A quick change can start with your part. If you’ve been a center queen, opt for a deep side part or just go for a major side flip. This change is sure to turn some heads!”

Favorite fall beauty product: Garrett Markenson Reverie MILK Anti-Frizz Treatment (Anthropologie, $42)

9) Play up your eyes with a darker shadow

Sonia Kashuk

Photo credit: Richard Burbridge

Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, loves a strong eye shadow for the cooler months: “A jewel tone eye will leave you looking fall-ready instantly. There is nothing more beautiful than a sultry, smoky eye in deep jewel tones to play up the color of the season.”

Favorite fall beauty product: “My Radiance Boost Restorative Face Oil to keep my skin hydrated and glowing and my new Lustrous Shine Lip Crayons in every shade from soft nudes to rich berries — perfect for the fall.”

10) Make sure your foundation and concealer match

Anna De Souza

Anna De Souza, SheKnows Expert and lifestyle writer, likes to switch up her makeup game when the weather changes: “As we move into fall, you’ll likely be switching to fuller coverage foundation. That said, it’s a must to switch out your concealer, too. Make 100 percent sure the texture matches so that you don’t have a matte versus dewy line of demarcation around your eyes or blemishes.”

Favorite fall beauty product: Julep’s Plie Wand. “I absolutely love changing my color — sometimes two to three times per week now that it doesn’t look like a 6-year-old painted my nails. Julep’s Plie Wand is a long, tapered and weighted polishing wand that helps you polish with more control so you get to skip the salon and 30 minutes of cuticle cleanup. It’s so genius, especially for dark fall colors that need perfect application!”

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