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7 Things that are easier than canceling your Comcast subscription


Comcast has made it nearly impossible to cancel your subscription; they will constantly badger you as to why you wouldn’t want the “fastest internet in the country.” Even if you are able to successfully cancel your subscription you may be subjected to endless, harassing phone calls for a period afterwards. All of this being said, here is a list of seven difficult things that are easier and less painful than canceling your Comcast service.

1. Running (and falling) on the treadmill in heels

Woman falling off of treadmill

“We are the number one provider of the internet and TV service in the entire country. Why is it that you’re not wanting to have the number one rated internet service, the number one rated TV service available?”

2. Giving your cat a bath

Man giving cat a bath

“Why don’t you want the faster speed? Help me understand why you don’t want faster internet.”

3. Getting up after being hit in the face with a basketball

Man getting hit in the face with a basketball

“I’m really ashamed to to see you go to something that can’t give you what we can.”

4. Walking on asphalt in the middle of an Arizona summer

Boy burning feet on asphalt

“You don’t want something that works? So why don’t you want something that’s good service and something that works?”

5. Successfully doing this

Boy making basket

“It sounds like you don’t want to go over this information with me. Why don’t you want to go over this information with me?”

6. Untangling a very tangled necklace

Untangling necklace

“But how is canceling our services helping you? How is that helping you?”

7. Getting gum out of your hair

Getting gum in hair

“Clearly the service was working great for you, you weren’t having any problems. So why now?”

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