Baking fails: We think these cakes are supposed to look like cats

Jul 31, 2014 at 10:03 a.m. ET

In theory, using your baking skills to whip up a cat cake may seem like a good idea. In practice, homemade cat cakes look a whole lot like this.

1. The dead cat mishap


Maybe it's the raspberries in the mouth; maybe it's the candles that appear to be pinning it down. Whatever the case, this cat is dead. And now you're eating it.

2. The creepy gummy catastrophe


This cupcake may or may not have been haunting our nightmares for the past few days. It feels like something out of a Halloween movie; it feels like something we don't want around.

3. The unknown blob calamity


The cake itself might be tasty. We hope it's tasty. The cat itself? Not so much.

4. The frog cake fiasco


There's no getting around it. This cake looks like a frog and a frog alone.

5. The eerie tragedy


We're just really unclear what's going on here. Is the dog covering the cat with its ear? Or something? Or do we want to know?

6. The social media debacle


This is what happens when you try to make a cake that looks like an emoticon.

7. The thoughtful yet… backfire


Clearly work went into this rainbow cat (cookie?) cake thing. It just missed the mark a teeny tiny Skittles bit.

8. The frosting trouble


We never thought we would say this, but maybe a little less frosting on this cake would have been for the best.

9. The kitty-litter problem


Here you go. Yes, that's supposed to look like kitty litter. Eat up!

10. The zombie cat issue


Another frosting-gone-wrong situation, this one resulting in a post-apocalyptic cat… thingamajig… or something.

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