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Miley Cyrus and cats: 10 Things they have in common

Remember when Miley Cyrus performed “Wrecking Ball” at the American Music Awards while a video of a lip-synching cat played on the screen behind her? We can’t seem to erase it from our memories… which may be why it has occurred to us that Miss Cyrus actually has quite a bit in common with the feline persuasion.

1. Exhibit A: elevator butt

elevator butt cat

GIF credit: doublecoolwithknobs

It seems as though cats are always doing what is commonly called “elevator butt.” You know, it’s when they stop by the nearest human and strike a pose with their butts in the air. The butt rises (like an elevator) at the slightest touch.

Miley Cyrus

GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

Interestingly, this position actually has a technical name (I know, hard to believe it isn’t actually called “escalator butt,” as we’ve dubbed it). The term is “lordosis” posture, and it is actually something a female cat does to entice the fellas to come say hello. Don’t get weirded out, though — they say when a cat does it to a human, they are just inviting friendship. As for Cyrus, we won’t speculate as to what she’s inviting.

2. They’ve been known to flehmen

flehmen cat

GIF credit: wifflegif

No, that doesn’t mean anything nearly as naughty as you are imagining. It’s actually the fancy term for that famous sneer cats wear sometimes. If you want to get all scientific, what they are actually doing is taking a sniff and then holding their mouths open slightly to take in the pheromones of other cats. FYI.

Miley Flehmen

GIF credit: rebloggy

As for Miley, well, it’s kind of like her b****y resting face, or BRF. Only she wears it quite a bit outside of “resting” too. Perhaps there’s an excess of pheromones floating around her at all times, no?

3. “Turn it down for what?” could be their motto

Miley partying

GIF credit: tumblr

Did this cat get into some catnip? Perhaps it did, perhaps it didn’t. Cats may sleep most of the day away, but when they’re up, they’re ready to party.

Miley partying

GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

While that cat may not have gotten into the catnip, the jury’s still out on whether Cyrus did or didn’t. We’re actually pretty sure someone may have slipped her some catnip-spiked pork rinds or something.

4. Their tongues make frequent cameos

Cat tongue GIF

GIF credit: pinkbluelovescute

This kitty is probably hot. Or excited. Or some combination of both. Cats pant for several reasons, but to cool off and when their heart rates rise are often the primary culprits.

Miley Cyrus tongue GIF

GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

We suppose you could say the same thing about Cyrus.

5. They’ve got the music in them

DJ Cat

GIF credit:

Cats dig good music. Don’t believe us? Just crank up some tunes and watch your kitty rock out.

Miley Cyrus singing

GIF credit:

Say what you will about Cyrus, but the truth is the girl has a major set of pipes on her. If you think back to her earlier music, like the power ballad “The Climb,” we think you’ll agree that she does have talent. Or, as she says, that she does in fact do something other than twerk and lick things.

6. They like to rub against people

Cat rubbing

GIF credit: letsstartnu

Has there ever been a leg a cat didn’t like? Much like Baloo in The Jungle Book, cats are all about getting their scratch on when a human walks by and lingers in their vicinity.

Miley Cyrus GIF

GIF credit: degrassi.wikia

Here’s a fun fact: This behavior in cats is called “bunting behavior,” and it is actually an act by the cat to declare ownership. You know, staking its claim. Cyrus obviously likes to rub up against people’s, um, legs too. She must feel territorial quite often.

7. While we’re at it… let’s talk about twerking

Twerking Cat GIF

GIF credit: Hakki Yildirim

Move over, Cyrus! There’s a new twerker in town. Seriously, this kitty gives Miley a run for her money.


GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

But, alas, if there is one thing Cyrus is known for these days, it’s her trademark move. We don’t think she’s going to give up the title “queen of twerk” to a cat anytime soon.

8. They share a proclivity for licking random objects

Cat licking vacuum

GIF credit: reddit

Unless someone came out with a tuna-flavored vacuum cleaner, we can’t imagine why cats like to lick them. Then again, why do cats like to lick all manner of plastic things? It’s odd. Like pica but without the actual ingesting of strange materials.

Miley doll

GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

And then there’s Cyrus. What does she lick? Let us count the random things. Clearly she has an affinity for Miss Life-size Barbie there — which kind of equates to cheating on her ol’ flame, the sledge hammer from her “Wrecking Ball” video.

9. One word: treading

Cat treading

GIF credit: wifflegif

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time around cats in your life, you’ve undoubtedly been the victim of paw treading. While these cute kittens make it look like a relaxing massage, in actuality, it’s kind of uncomfortable. Claws on skin? Ouch.

Miley grabbing booty

GIF credit: MileyCyrusVEVO

Um… so yeah. Cyrus does this sometimes. According to cat experts, paw treading (or kneading) in felines signifies reflective emotion, so maybe when Miley grabs a handful of booty, she’s merely pondering the meaning of life.

10. Really, they just want to be the center of attention

Cat center of attention

GIF credit:

When it comes to creatures that want to call the shots, cats are right up there at the top of that list.

Miley funny face gif

GIF credit: 9to5gifs

C’mon, Cyrus — just fess up. There’s an idiom that says people who seek attention are attention hounds, but we all know the truth. You’re a total attention… cat.

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