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10 Reasons we love being cat owners in GIFs

We’re cat people. You might call us crazy, but we might call you lonely. You haven’t experienced the good life until you’ve walked into your bathroom and found your cat in the sink or woken up to a tiny nose against your cheek. We’re sure you have plenty of good reasons to hate cats, but we have infinitely more for while we’ll always be cat people.

That headbutt

Headbutting cat

GIF courtesy of Theflush/YouTube

This adorable but terrifying lack of coordination and hunting skills

Kitten falls

GIF courtesy of Funny Animals/YouTube

Those times of fun with a laser

Cats with laser

GIF courtesy of Giovanna Drew/YouTube

And then even more fun with a helicopter

Cat vs. Helicopter

GIF courtesy of Crazy Critters/YouTube

Let’s not forget the fun times involved when they discovered mirrors

Cat vs. Mirror

GIF courtesy of Compilaris/YouTube

But, is anything sweeter than when they just need pets… no matter how busy you are?

Cat needs guitar pets

GIF courtesy of Compilaris/YouTube

…even when it’s homework time.

Polite cat

GIF courtesy of thesurvivant666/YouTube

It’s also pretty cute when they’re grumpy.

Another grumpy cat

GIF courtesy of Sojung Lee/YouTube

Finally, it’s important to remember that dog people are dead wrong. Cats welcome you home, too!

Welcome home, human!

GIF courtesy of llrnr/YouTube

And they’ll “sleep” at your side all night, like good little protectors

Hot dude and cat

GIF courtesy of Johnny Volatile/YouTube

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