Outsmart your clutter with these 7 home organization hacks

Too much stuff and too little space: it’s a problem that’s as American as apple pie. Before you give it all away, though, try these simple organization hacks to give yourself a Zen-like abode.

1. De-clutter your electrical cords


Electrical cord overload? Don’t give in. You can mask your power cords by placing them in this cable box, which has enough room for 10 cords and your power strip. It rests nicely on a desk or inside a bedside table for an end to the maddening tangle of cords. (Container Store, $30)

2. Hang a magazine rack for pot lids

Here’s a clever idea: Screw a metal magazine rack to the interior of a cabinet, and use it to file your pot lids from large to small. You’ll never have to shuffle through your cabinets to find a lost pot lid again.

3. Maximize dead space in your garage

Maximize dead space in your garage

Photo credit: The Family Handyman

What do you do with the ceiling space in your garage? If you’re like most people, the answer is, “Nothing.” Seriously, though, the ceiling is the ideal place to keep your seldom-used but indispensable items. Follow these directions from The Family Handyman to create your own inexpensive and super-helpful ceiling organization system.

4. Place a lazy Susan in corner cabinets

Place a lazy susan in corner cabinets

Photo credit: DecorChick!

There’s no need to install corner cabinet spinners when an inexpensive lazy Susan can accomplish the same thing. If the farthest reaches of your corner cabinets are non-functional, just place a lazy Susan in the middle of one or more shelves. You’ll be able to spin the lazy Susan to easily grab whatever you need at a moment’s notice.

5. Use tension rods to organize cleaners

Use tension rods to organize cleaners

Photo credit: Jen Morris

You know things are bad when household cleaners — your very lifelines to sanity and cleanliness — are terribly disorganized. De-clutter by using a tension curtain rod to hang your cleaners underneath your sink, as shown in this image from Jen Morris at A Thousand Words. And with that, no more frustrated sighs when you just can’t find the bleach.

6. Install a magnetic backsplash

Tight kitchen quarters are the pits, especially when you’re a cooking queen. Keep all of your cooking necessities — like spices in aluminum containers, knives and even measuring cups — out of your cabinet drawers by installing a magnetic backsplash. The backsplash will cause your metal cooking utensils to stick directly to the wall. The design looks sleek, and you’ll never have to rummage around to find the oregano again.

7. Recycle Altoids tins for desk organization

How do you keep office items like staples, paper clips, rubber bands and USB drives organized? I tend to throw them in a drawer and hope for the best, but this method has mixed results. If you’re tired of the office drawer clutter, recycle a couple of old Altoids tins to store all of your tiny necessities. File them vertically and label the edges for easy access.

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