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6 Simple safety tips every woman should know

Understand and embrace the facts. You are beautiful. You are worth protecting.


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t Read and remember these simple and savvy self defense suggestions for the woman in the know.

1. Surprise

t It’s either your friend or your enemy. An attacker will intend to catch you by surprise. Be prepared and use the element of surprise against the attacker. Fight back. You are strong.

2. Survey

t Activate the under-utilized art of using your peripheral vision; see the whole picture. Instead of being lost in tunnel vision, allow your eyes to embrace the horizon as you are out and about.

3. Space

t Own it. Be mentally present. By being aware of your space and the ever-changing environment, you are ready to take actions to mitigate risks as they develop.

4. Shelve

t Shelve your emotions. Ladies, we are emotional beings and this is what makes us tender and gracious. But there is a time for everything, and survival during an attack may depend on your ability to shelve your emotions, including paralyzing panic. Focus on a factual response vs. an emotional response in order to survive, this will improve your reaction time. Pay attention to the details of who, what, where and how you are going to counter the attack. You are confident.

5. Surveillance

t It isn’t only for law enforcement. Attackers will utilize static, mobile, and/or technical surveillance as part of their pre-attack plan in order to gain information and choose their target. Since it takes time for an attacker to gain information via surveillance, you have the opportunity to detect him and take preventive measures.

6. SheKnows her strengths

t It is common for women to hesitate when under attack. This is effective when disarming a gun. Yet, under other situations a pause could be fatal. Your mental commitment to survival is your first strength. It is imperative you have made this decision prior to an attack. With this decision, you will be proactive by enrolling in reality-based self defense training, learn to utilize improvised weapons and do whatever is necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Understand and embrace the facts. You are beautiful. You are worth protecting.

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