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Would you rock these? Kristen Stewart’s bell-bottom booty pants


While K Stew’s new cropped cut was all the buzz at Paris Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but focus below the belt.

What we have here seems to be a mashup of harem pants, high-waisted bell-bottoms and hotpants. A triple threat, really.

She’s also sort of rocking that two-piece trend everyone is wild about too. Well played, Kristen (maybe?). So would you or wouldn’t you? Let’s break it down piece by piece.

The harem pant factor

Pro: The slouchy, drop-crotch aspect of these pants reminds me of the gaucho pants we used to wear in the early 2000s, but only in that they are easy and breezy and really comfortable. Dress ’em up with a fitted blazer and a heel or dress ’em down with a tank and simple sandals.

Con: Your boyfriend may not want to touch you for a week.

The hotpants factor

Pro: Hotpants (or, booty shorts) are only for the very, very brave (or booty-blessed). But these slightly-sheer pants Kristen rocks feature a nice body-hugging boyshort without going into R-rated outfit land.

Con: You have to admit that your pants are part booty short.

The bell-bottom factor

Pro: The high-waisted denim look made popular in the ’70s is back in a big way and it really enhances your curves and sexes up the jean look; all of which are happening in these mashup pants.

Con: The beauty of the bell-bottom is that it elongates your legs. Since this bell-bottom factor gets slashed at the ankle by the harem look, we miss that benefit. It’s certainly not gonna do most of us any favors.

So… love it or hate it?

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