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Extremely odd places people clutter in their home

Some neat and tidy people have a way of making sure everything has a purpose and place in their living space. However, many more of us have mastered the art of letting clutter accumulate and then finding places to stash it. From the unsightly to cleverly staged, here are a few odd places people clutter in their home.

The DVD player shelf

When you can’t find a place for your stuffed animals, candles, bottles and snow globes, simply stash them on a step stool and media player. It works, right?

Behind the couch

When you grow up as the kid who cleans her room by shoving everything under the bed, you can bet you’ll be the one who also cleans house by tossing things behind the couch (whether well hidden or not).

The dresser that has lost its cause

If this messy dresser could speak, it would probably claim it’s having an identity crisis. From unopened mail and craft items to crayons and kids’ paraphernalia, the clutter has taken over.

In the corner

Though it may be a temporary solution, the corners in a home can quickly pile up.

The refrigerator magnet collection

If you’re going to collect magnets from around the country, it’s better to clutter up the front of the fridge than let them take up space in a drawer.

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In the toaster oven

This one made us laugh. Why wouldn’t you store soft drinks in the toaster oven?

Where a chair should be

Who needs a desk? This is either a clever way to gain extra storage space, or an extremely odd place to keep clutter.

Hanging off the house

When in doubt, hang clutter off the house!

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