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Pug puppies should rule the world, and this video proves it

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they’re about to take over the world. Watch this new and improved trailer for Dawn of the Apes, where instead of apes, Pugs threaten the demise of planet Earth.
It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… it’s a Pug! Thousands upon thousands of adorable Pugs, and they’re about to take over the world. And really, what’s the worst that could happen to us? Get affectionately licked to death? Hypnotized by pure puppy love? Succumb to a serious cuddling casualty? Poisoned by an intoxicating release of puppy breath? If so, we’re completely on board with a Pug attack. So much so that we’re calling all Pugs to come out. Come out, come wherever they are, we’re absolutely ready for some quality snuggles, snorts and smooches from you, regardless if it means the end of mankind everywhere. It’s only a small price to pay for some serious Pug love.

Okay, so if you haven’t noticed, it’s only wishful thinking. This movie clip is entirely fabricated, created only by a Pug lover’s ambitious creativity. However, regardless of the truth, we agree that a Pug takeover would be so much better than an ape invasion. So much so, that if the apocalypse is really going to happen, we hope it happens with Pugs.

Check out the Pet Collective on YouTube for more creatively cute pet videos.

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