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5 Animal birthday parties that were way better than yours

Birthday parties used to be a human only kind of thing, until the four-legged kind decided they wanted celebrations of their own. And guess what? Their parties are so much cooler than the people kind. Perhaps it’s because they don’t bog the hostess down with their opinions on what will make their party perfect.

Hedgehog party
All-you-can-eat bite-sized treats, the most adorable handmade decorations, fiesta music that you actually want to dance to and the cutest party hats on the planet… for a hedgehog? Can you say jealous? And this hedgehog isn’t the only animal receiving the five-star treatment when it comes to party time. Two other cute critters are celebrating their birthdays with some serious swagger.

Nana takes the cake
You know it’s a good party when a dog gets to sit at the grown-up table. Nana the Border Collie looks to be having a blast as she blows out a candle on, count that, three cupcakes, a dog treat and some other delectable-looking treats. Not to mention, whom do you know older than 5 who actually gets to rip into their presents like they really want to? And the balloon party ending is classic.

Annie’s not-so-small birthday party
For a minute there, I actually thought that Annie was at Disneyland and not in her owner’s backyard. But obviously, Annie’s “It’s a Small World” birthday party is so much better than Disneyland with its amazingly accurate decorations and setup. (I mean, there was a full-fledged teacup ride!) And it’s even better than the actual theme park because there are absolutely no lines for the bathroom.

The pinkest pet bash of all time
Fittingly held at a boutique, this birthday party was fit for a true princess. Chloe the Yorkie, decked out in a tutu and the smallest Chuck’s known to man, celebrated her first birthday Audrey Hepburn style. Looking absolutely dashing, I’m pretty sure her human mama threw down more cash than most human parents do for their kid’s college tuition.

Kitty in the wild
Whoever said cats are dumb has obviously never seen this video of Nylah the kitty having the time of her life at her very first birthday party. Although a bit sad since she had to celebrate with her older human brother and the annoying stuffed animals of the house, it’s pretty apparent that she was able to make the best of it. Treats, sweets, presents and the permission to scratch at the decorations, Nylah’s first birthday was way better than those pesky babies who just smash cake and cry at the end.

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