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DIY sandals made with a scarf

Summer is the ultimate season for sandals, but don’t just settle for plain flip flops. With a little creativity, you can make these cute scarf sandals out of your old flip flops. All you need are some cheap flip flops, a colorful scarf and scissors.

DIY scarf sandals tutorial


  • Scissors
  • Sandals
  • Scarf

Time needed: 15 minutes

DIY scarf sandals tutorial


1. Cut scarf into 2 long strips

Cut scarf into 2 long strips

Lay your scarf out flat and cut 2 (6-inch) wide strips from your scarf. Try to cut lengthwise so you have the longest possible strips.

2. Thread the fabric through the “v” of your sandals

Thread the fabric through the "v" of your sandals

Take 1 of the strips of fabric and thread it through the “v” of your sandals. Make sure to pull the ends through evenly.

3. Secure by wrapping tightly

Secure by wrapping tightly

Take the ends and bring them up across in a diagonal position to form an “x,” and pull tightly to hold the scarf in place.

4. Wrap the right strap

Take the right scarf strap and start wrapping it around the right strap of the sandal, moving down toward the opposite end.

5. Knot to secure

Knot to secure

When you reach the end, simply tie it off with an overhand knot.

6. Wrap the left strap

Wrap the left strap

Then wrap the left scarf strap of the sandal and tie off in the same manner.

7. Repeat for your other sandal

Repeat for your other sandal

Repeat steps 2 to 6 with your other sandal. Once you’re done, to wear your scarf sandals just wrap the scarf straps around your ankles and tuck in the ends.

DIY scarf sandals tutorial

The best part is, if you ever get bored, you can just change up the scarf and give your sandals a whole new look all over again.

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