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7 Totally functional fashion accessories

When you head back to school this fall, give new meaning to “extra credit” by scooping up one of these functional fashion accessories. They’re more than what meets the eye.

1. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

Smartphone, it’s time to meet your match. The Pebble Smartwatch works with both Android and iOS, so your teen can carry important apps, reminders, contacts and music wherever he or she goes. The watch is a great solution if cell phones are banned at your child’s school, but he or she still needs access to the contents of his or her device. It’s like the renaissance of the wristwatch, people. (Pebble, $150 and up)

2. Up activity tracker

Up activity tracker

Encourage healthy habits by outfitting your child with an activity tracker, like this rad and teen-friendly one from Jawbone. It looks like any other colorful bracelet, but sends activity information to a smartphone app. We can practically hear your child running to get one now. (Jawbone, $80)

3. Kapture audio wristband

Kapture audio wristband

Your teen is brilliant, but even the smartest kids may not take meticulous notes during class. Nip note-taking problems in the bud by purchasing an audio-recording bracelet, like this colorful model from Kapture. The bracelet allows kids to record anything they desire, which is a great solution for children with attention deficits or learning disorders. (Kapture, $99 on pre-order)

4. Double Wear hair ties

Double Wear hair ties

These beautiful hair ties from Goody may not have a corresponding smartphone app, but they sure are functional for a teen on the run. We love that yesteryear’s elastic-hair-tie-bracelets are updated to look like high-quality stackable bangles for your fashion-forward teen or tween. (Target, $5)

5. Cuff GPS necklace

Cuff GPS necklace

Your super-responsible teen still needs help if an emergency arises. Outfit your child with one of many available Cuff devices — which look just like trendy jewelry — so that she can sound the alarm if she’s in trouble. Cuff jewelry contains GPS, so you’ll know her location the moment she sounds the alarm. (Cuff, $30 and up on pre-order)

6. Leather USB bracelet

Cuff GPS necklace

USB cards are an easy way to carry files, but the method can turn disastrous if your teen loses the tiny USB before a big project is due. Minimize the risk by purchasing this handsome Nordic Leather USB Bracelet, so your kid can carry assignments wherever he or she goes. (Etsy, $30)

7. Multi-function backpack

Multi-function backpack

Remember the days of lugging around both a backpack and a purse at school? It was like a back spasm waiting to happen. Those days, however, are long gone with multi-functional backpacks — like this one from ByGoods — that transition seamlessly from book bag to purse to handbag. (ByGoods, $30)

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