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10 Extreme gardens that took way too much time

These landscape designs are beyond perfection — they’re near masterpieces. Here are 10 gardens that make you look twice before wondering how it’s possible for anybody to have enough time to create these modern-day gardens of art.

Shrubbery straight from Whoville

I think the Grinch may have stolen more than just Christmas…

The hobbit’s modern dwelling

You can take the hobbit out of the hill, but you can’t take the hill out of the hobbit.

The Easter bunny

Somebody took way too much time to sculpt a friend to join them for their morning cup of coffee.
There is no doubt that this walkway is perfection… Exhausting, tiring perfection.

Lady of the river

I’m in dire need of this lady shrub’s hairstylist — I mean, gardener’s phone number. Her hair looks ah-mazing!

France in bloom

Forget the Eiffel Tower, the Chateau de la Ballue is where you really want to visit in France. So you can get tips from the gardener, of course!

Under lock and key

Just imagine what the rest of the yard looks like…

Garden tunnel of love
If we could only see what the rest of the yard looks like, I’m sure we’d fall deeply in garden love.

A courtyard fit for a queen…
And a gardener with some time on their hands.

Hired help

This gardener was in such dire need of help, they made some.

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