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Grumpy Cat rules supreme as the internet’s most influential feline

It’s like Time’s most influential celebrities… only for felines! These kitties top the Friskies 50 Most Influential Cats on the Internet thanks to their highly engaged social media accounts. And even though Grumpy Cat may not be the happiest of felines, she takes this month’s top spot.

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen at least one meme featuring the sullen, yet lovable Grumpy Cat. And on account of your shares, likes and her headlines in the press, Grumpy Cat finds herself at the very top of Friskies 50. There’s no comment on if she’s actually happy about the feat. But it’s safe to guess that her grumpy demeanor remains unchanged.

The list, compiled by the cat food brand, was debuted this month and is composed using each cat’s social media engagement and user nominations. A perfect way for cat lovers to follow the hottest felines on the internet, the list links over to each cat’s social media accounts and is expected to come out monthly. Cat fanatics can follow along at or check out #Friskies50 on their favorite social media forum.

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And as if you needed more reason to be a cat lover, Friskies also announced their annual video contest for your chance to win a nice chunk of change for your own original cat video. Find out details at The Friskies, so you can turn your otherwise normal house cat into a true blue internet star. And who knows, if it goes well for you, perhaps your kitty’s video will go viral and she or he will be at the top of next month’s Friskies 50.

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