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When knickknacks send you running for cover

Are you addicted to collecting pretty shiny things, odd little things or just plain strange things? You aren’t the only one! We’ve rounded up a fun selection of collections that border on — if not cross over — the line of knickknack addiction or affliction.

An interesting collection of stuff

Though incredibly well organized, this assortment of knickknacks has a rather eerie feel due to its front and center display of skulls along with the odd figurines and vintage items.

Your knickknacks reflect your life

According to Google, various sources say, “Your room reflects your life.” We’d rather say, “Your knickknacks reflect your likes.” This sizable knickknack collection says this gal really likes superhero figures.

Goodwill bric-a-brac
Somebody, at some point, had an insane number of these porcelain figurines crowding their space, and then gave them up to Goodwill for someone else to hoard.

Man clutter

Women may see it as clutter, but a man sees his amassment of cars, posters and shot glasses as a collection.

A little bit ridiculous
The writing on the wall says “Be Yourself,” and it’s obvious that every item that does — and doesn’t — have its place says something about the person living there.

Dolls that go boo

We’re all about putting the Barbie ideal to rest, but we’re not really ready to advocate girls painting their faces blue or green.

Little girl stuffed animal overload
If you have a daughter, you know how crazy quick those stuffed animals start staking claim to most of the space in her bedroom. Putting them on the top shelf in the closet isn’t a bad idea, but we recommend a safety rail to keep them from tumbling down every time someone dares to open the door.

When knickknacks take over

Scary! Just scary! This room has knickknacks on every flat surface.

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