10 Dogs with OMG written all over their faces (PHOTOS)

These dogs of Instagram are totally saying OMG, and we love every single one of them for it.

1. I am coming for you

What did you say about me? WHAT?!

2. Moooooommmmmmmm

Stop it, my friends can see you!

3. I overslept

When you realize that you have woken up late.

4. Mmmm naps

OMG it is nap time. Bless the world.


This dog needs you to stop. OMG. Just stop.

6. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die

Oh my gosh, look at this fluffy unicorn!

7. My friends are over

Look, Mom, my friends are over, and they could not be more excited.

8. Candy

He could not be more excited about his treat.

9. Free me, human

Release me, you fool!

10. The male model

No dog list would ever be complete without an appearance from Menswear Dog. Here he is looking surprised with his own fabulousness.

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