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Cute hair accessories for the first day of school


You spent all summer throwing your hair into a messy bun at the base of your head just to keep yourself as cool as possible, but now the new school year is upon us and it’s time to up your hair game with some cute hair accessories.

Sport these adorable accessories come September and you’ll be winning that “Best Hair” superlative in no time.

1. Embellished hair ties

Embellished hair ties

A ponytail is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair off your face while running from class to class during the school day. Who says you have to stick to your the old scrunchies and elastic bands you’ve had since childhood? Instead, opt for some classy jewel-encrusted hair ties that add some polished glitz to your outfit. (Anthropologie, $24)

2. Art Deco pins

Art Deco pins

Some days you don’t want a full on up-do but you’re still looking to spice up your hairstyle. That’s where fancy bobby pins, like these Art Deco inspired ones from Mod Cloth come in. They have some Gatsby-era flair without being too over-the-top for your average Monday in homeroom. (Mod Cloth, $9)

3. Metal statement barrette

Metal statement barrette

Is your style more minimalist than Manic Pixie Dream Girl? Choose a simple oversized metal barrette to secure a sloppy bun or casual half-up/half-down. The look is sharp and almost sporty, but certainly not juvenile, plus that shiny surface will gleam just right in the fluorescent lights of first-period math class. (Urban Outfitters, $12)

4. Braided plaid headwrap

Braided plaid headwrap

Plaid might be a back-to-school cliche favored by department store catalogs, but this braided headwrap is anything but boring. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with this prim-and-proper hair piece, best accompanied by a schoolgirl blazer, bold tights, and a whole lot of attitude. (Forever 21, $4)

5. An old-school red scrunchie

An old-school red scrunchie

Haven’t you heard? Scrunchies are back. As always, they are best in bright red like Queen Bee Heather Chandler wears in the 1988 cult-classic Heathers. Score the perfect red scrunchie from American Apparel and wear it with everything from your gym uniform (do schools even have gym uniforms anymore?) to your pizza and ice cream date with that cute boy from English. Leave the shoulder pads in the ’80s where they belong, though. (American Apparel, $6)

6. Boho headscarf

Boho headscarf

Make a splash with a printed headscarf worthy of Woodstock. This one from Forever 21 is super cheap and makes mixing prints a walk in the park. Pair with a breezy peasant blouse or denim button-down for a nonchalant look. (Forever 21, $4)

7. Floral hair clip

Floral hair clip

A full-on, Coachella-worthy flower crown might be a bit much for lunch in the cafeteria, but you can still capture the music festival vibe well into the school year with an orchid flower clip. The bright (fake) bud is the only accessory you’ll need to add some feminine flair to your average uniform of jeans, flannel and Converse sneaks (, $8).

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