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Yes To Carrots’ new coconut line: What you need to know


Just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, the folks at Yes To have surprised us yet again with a new collection: Yes To Coconut. 

If you’re like me, you adore the coconut scent. It’s summery, sweet and sassy without being overwhelming, after all. So when Yes To Coconut’s new line hit my desk, I was ready to dive right into the new releases.

Formulated specifically for dry skin, the natural collection combines nourishing moisturizers like hydrating coconut oil to help smooth dry and cracked skin. In typical Yes To style, there’s something for everyone in this collection — everything from a lip oil and body balm to a conditioner and hand/cuticle cream. I could go on and on about the collection, but I’ll save you some time and just give you a little sneak peek at some of the highlights.

One of my favorite items in the new line is the Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm. Lip balm is a staple in every woman’s purse, but some are extremely overpriced and ineffective. Luckily, this little baby is affordable ($3) and works overtime to moisturize dry lips. It’s smooth, compact, light and totally tasty (cuz let’s be honest ladies, that’s the most important part). Even better, the effects are long lasting.

Moving on to skin care, we have the Coconut Cleansing Wipes. Like the rest of the collection, these wipes feature a fun coconut scent, but the appeal doesn’t stop there. They’re refreshing and non-sticky, and don’t leave behind a residue like some other cleansing wipes — definitely a plus when you’re wiping off so much in the sweaty summer months.

In addition to the beauty cabinet staples, the collection also features a few fun innovations like the Coconut Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion (we’re loving it for its ease of application) and Coconut Eczema Relief Spray.

If hair care is more your thing, there’s a shampoo, conditioner and hair smoother in the collection, too. Or, if you prefer to indulge your body in the shower, there’s a luxurious (and delicious smelling) body scrub we’ve quickly fallen for and have been using to amp up our exfoliating game for the summer.

Intrigued? Head on over to Yes To’s website to check out the rest of the collection and let us know what you’ll be trying first.

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