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Holly Fisher is threatened after posting contentious photos


Holly Hobby Lobby’s controversial Twitter photo says more about sexism than it does about extreme right-wing beliefs.
She’s a gun-loving Republican who is a mother of three, a wife to a war veteran and an internet sensation. She’s pretty, she has opinions, she has a set of controversial photos and she has 34.4K followers on Twitter. Why, you ask? Because Holly Fisher is a woman with a First Amendment right that she isn’t afraid to use. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with her viewpoints and they’re taking their comments to a shocking new level.

Best known as Holly Hobby Lobby via her Twitter account, Fisher made headlines in late May as she voiced her opinions on the negative effects that her family felt in relation to ObamaCare. At first glance, she merely looks like a woman expressing her opinion, but take a closer look and you’ll see that she has a large amount of people who either lover her or hate her. And we mean hate. Receiving a momentous amount of internet shaming, Fisher has been hit with rape threats and death wishes for publicly vocalizing her personal opinions.
So, how did Holly Fisher become such an internet sensation? Landing her 15 minutes of fame, Fisher hopped on the bandwagon with the likes of Chick-fil-A, pro-lifers and Hobby Lobby by posting a picture portraying her beliefs in a tendentious photo.

As you can see, with 100K likes and 2.6K comments, Holly Fisher is having no problem grabbing the attention of internet trolls everywhere. And beyond where you stand with the issue, whether you agree with her contentious ways of gaining social media fame or not, the problem that we see isn’t with Fisher, it’s with her commentators. In reply to her tweets and Facebook posts, she has received not only threats, but derogatory remarks about her lifestyle, her looks and her intelligence — and for no other reason than practicing her First Amendment right of free speech, which begs us to ask: Is this the new trend when a woman publicly posts her thoughts on a heated subject?

However, Fisher doesn’t seem a bit concerned about her internet shaming. Like the recent headlines of Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old cheerleader who proudly posted photos of herself posing with dead exotic animals, she is thriving on both the positive and negative feedback. Instead of hiding in a corner, Fisher is loving all the attention, as noted in the following tweet:
In reaction, many of Holly Fisher’s followers are stating that the comments should be considered a #WaronWomen. Would the trolling backlash be as extraordinary had a male taken the same photo with a rifle and a Bible in hand? Would she have as much controversy, followers and fame if it were her war veteran husband tweeting out these comments? Compared to Sarah Palin and other women Republicans, it would be safe to think that a man would not gain such momentous notoriety in such a small time frame. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, resorting to internet shaming is never the answer.

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