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9 Things that should never be seen on a bookshelf

The bookshelf is one of the most common home furnishing items along with the bed and the kitchen table. And while it may seem pretty obvious that books go on the bookshelf, these homeowners don’t seem to have a clue. Here are 11 items you should keep anywhere other than the bookshelf.

Your childhood stuffed animal collection
These stuffed lions are a-rawr-able, but if you have a serious attachment to anything stuffed, you should probably stuff it up into the attic.

A massive rock collection
Let’s be honest, unless you’re eight or younger, you probably should let go of the rock collection. And if you must keep it, leave it outside rather than displaying it on your pretty bookshelf.

Anything that goes inside the closet

Clothes, personal hygiene items and shoes are best left inside of the closet.

Mickey Mouse memorabilia

M-I-C-K-E-Y. Why don’t you keep your mouse-eared love obsession on your bed, instead of on the living room bookshelf?

Garage sale finds
I am pro thrifting, just thrift it somewhere else.

Junk drawer items
Step one, clean out a drawer. Step two, put all of this junk inside of it.

Christmas supplies

FYI: Target has a great collection of storage solutions perfect for your holiday gear.

Animal skulls
Alert: your bookshelf is not a taxidermy! Hang it on the wall or leave these skull bones outdoors.

Anything that makes you seem like a hoarder

For all of you bookshelf hoarders out there, Goodwill will happily take your items without any charge.

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