Transform any room into your new mom cave

You work hard to make your house a home. And while you’re putting in so much effort to make your place a space that your family can make memories in, don’t forget to do something a little extra for yourself. Whether it’s an office or just a place you can watch The Bachelor in peace, you can transform any space of your home into your own private mom cave.

Pink and animal print

If it’s Mom’s room, then there definitely needs to be pink involved. And, let’s not forget the animal print. When creating your own space, remember to make it yours. Who cares what your husband thinks and who cares what the kids say? It’s your space. And if you want hot pink and zebra print dripping on the walls, then so be it.

Pretty organization

You take care of the kids, you take care of the house, and you probably even take care of the dog, so do not forget to take care of yourself. Transform your mom cave into a completely organized space, laden with schedules, calendars and color-coordinated accessories. Steal this idea by framing corkboards for a pretty and methodical workstation.

A room with a view

Not only does your mom cave require a chandelier, it also needs to become your escape. And whether that escape is from reality, a crying child or both, jazzing up the space with an oversize picture of your favorite city or beachfront will definitely help you do just that.

Mama’s penthouse

You know that furniture that your husband doesn’t care for? Buy it! In this room, it doesn’t matter what your husband thinks, it matters what you like. Pick furniture that has no purpose or function other than to simply make you feel good about yourself. Add florals and oversize throw pillows that you would never trust anyone else in the family with but yourself. And then add a lock to your door, because you’re probably going to need it.

White and bright

As much as bright colors matter, so does the lack thereof. Many of us moms dream of white, or of any piece of furniture or throw rug that will survive spilled milk, spit-up fruit snacks and sucked-on lollipop sticks. In your mom cave, this shouldn’t matter — white on white can be yours! Throw in a few metallics and color for the room to blend and have a relaxing vibe.


Talk about having it all. For moms who have the extra space in their laundry room, forget about the mudroom and turn your extra space into the all-functioning mom cave. Keep your laundry space organized and add a desk or floating shelf for a work area. Add an extra chair or two for those much needed mom-on-mom counseling sessions or homework tutoring.

The great escape

Similar to the other laundry room turned mom cave, this room takes up only a corner for a desktop and chair. The floating shelves above the sink are a wonderful addition for knickknacks and random accessories. Even if your laundry room isn’t as large as these dream spaces, it is a wondrous idea to turn this area into a mom cave, as you’re probably the only person to set foot in the laundry room anyhow.

Corner office

Turn a wasted space into your mom cave by exposing a few shelves and a space for a chair. With a few hints of personalization, including pictures of the family and a feminine touch, the mom cave can be yours.

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