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7 dogs that look like a real-life Scooby Doo

Are there Scooby Doo look-alike contests out there in the world? If so, these dogs should enter and take home all of the prizes. Not only are these Great Danes the same breed as the beloved cartoon character, but they also have that special je ne sais quoi that is Scooby.

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It’s impossible to look at these guys without without cracking a smile.

1. Scooby in transit

It’s Scooby! It’s Scooby Doo, and he’s all buckled up ready to solve some supernatural mystery. Velma probably took this photo. Actually, you’re right, it was most likely Daphne. She seems like she’d be into Instagram.

2. Successful Scooby

This picture was taken after Scooby and Shaggy made the big bucks on their reality TV show. Their days now include lots of lounging, lots of boats and lots of photos of the whole adventure.

3. Classic Scooby

Here’s the Scooby we know and love. Tongue out, tail wagging, ready to jump for joy and solve a mystery or three.

4. Sleeping Scooby

Aww, he’s all tuckered out from a day of mystery solving and Shaggy banter.

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5. Scooby on an adventure

Here we have Scooby on location, solving the great mystery of the supernatural creature in the rocks. He’s ready to go, folks. (Also, he looks quite dashing, no?)

6. Scooby the Great

This photo was taken from Scooby’s promo for his latest show. He was going for the “sophisticated canine” look, and it works. Mainly, everything works on Scooby.

7. Serious Scooby

Scooby is thinking about Scooby snacks in this photo, and he asks that you don’t bother him.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Anthony Paiva/Flickr

Originally published July 2014. Updated January 2017.

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