10 Perfect pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses

These dogs aren’t letting the sun get in the way of their good times. They’re too cool for school, but they’re definitely ready for summer. You’re going to fall in love with these pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses.

Go big

Rufio and Avery believe in the mantra, “Go big or go home.” And can we just say that they’re totally and completely killing it today?

Be that dog

You know, the one that rocks Ray-Bans. We love this dog and want his look.


This dog might look tough, but we have a hunch that it’s a softie deep down inside. Who’s joining it for a little relaxing time?

Dog days of summer

We’re with you, buddy. It just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Pure glam

This is the life this chocolate Lab was meant to lead. It’s pure glam, but rumor has it that this dog is really all about the cuddles.

Bad to the bone

This Siberian Husky has the right idea. Chilling with a cool treat on a hot summer day is how we roll, too.

Happy days

We don’t know if it’s the smile or the Mohawk, but this dog has happy written all over its face.

Long day’s night

Oliver still manages to look picture-perfect, even after what must have been a long summer day.

When you’ve got it…

Flaunt it. That’s what they always say, isn’t it?

We have no words

This. Just this.

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