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Your ultimate guide to #ThrowBackThursday photos


It’s Thursday, your favorite day of the week when it comes to social media. But before you bust out that gem from your high school days or your favorite photo of you in your best ’80s glam, take a look at our unofficial rules of the ultimate #ThrowBackThursday post.

Do NOT post a selfie that you just took… or last week… or anytime in 2014. Actually, just don’t post a selfie for #throwbackthursday ever.

DO post awesome pictures that celebrate your childhood awesomeness.

Do NOT post sonogram pictures unless they’re of a baby, a real-life baby who’s still in utero.

DO post adorable baby pictures of you and your sibling(s).

Do NOT post unflattering pictures of your parents.

DO post pictures to pay respect to your parents.

Do NOT post photos of the two of you making out (ever).

DO post a #throwback of the two of you celebrating.

Do NOT post pictures of yourself as a child making a sexy pose.

DO post pictures of yourself as a child wearing outdated fashion statements.

Do NOT post pictures from your college party days.

DO post old college graduation photos.

Do NOT post a #throwback of you in the bathroom.

DO post a #throwback of you in Paris … or Italy… or any other cool travel destination.

Do NOT take a picture of a picture. Just scan it in or don’t #throwback.

DO post retro black & whites of beloved family members.

Do NOT post the first time you went dancing at the club.

DO post your first dance recital.

Do NOT post an unflattering picture of you and your BFFs.

DO post a cute #throwback of you and your BFFs.

Do NOT post a picture your child will hate you for… ever.

DO post something your child will love you for… always.

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