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15 Things that make you laugh and you don’t even know why

You know what we’re talking about. Those things that shouldn’t make you laugh but somehow send you into a fit of giggles. Don’t feel bad… we think they’re pretty funny, too. Let’s be inappropriate together.

1. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

2. A guinea pig named Booboo

Who knew a haute rodent could be so hysterical?

3. “Creative” engagement photos

Bad Engagement Photo

Photo credit: Miller & Miller/WordPress

Because… just what? And, more importantly, why?

4. Bathroom humor

Seriously, this s*** is hilarious.

5. People getting hurt

Ninja Turtle Balls

via Lojo Manifesto

How many times can a guy getting whacked in the nuts still be funny? We’ll get back to you… we haven’t hit (pun intended) that limit yet.

6. Children throwing temper tantrums

Gotta laugh to keep from crying, no?

7. Random internet animal memes

Upside Down Sassy Bats

via WeKnowMemes

‘Cause sassy bats are irresistible.

8. Bad puns

If loving bad puns is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

9. Corny t-shirts

Bad Idea TShirt

via BadIdeaTShirts

LEGO. No. You LEGO. Ha! Gets us every time.

10. Every inappropriate thing Jennifer Lawrence says

Jennifer Lawrence

via celebquote

Are we right or are we right?

11. The saddest scene in the Sex in the City movie

Look closely. She’s totally about to crack up too.

12. This. Just… this.

Mary Poppins Diabeetus meme


“Diabeetus” — we’re dying over here.

13. Epic fails

epic bathroom fail

via awwomg

Probably wasn’t funny to the person with wet hands.

14. Cat vines

Stop it, right meow. Cats are seriously too cute. We aren’t even kitten… we can’t help but chuckle watching Vines with synchronized felines.

15. Richard frickin’ Simmons

You probably burn just as many calories laughing during Sweatin’ to the Oldies as you do actually sweatin’ to the oldies.

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