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Last-minute Fourth of July DIYs

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these simple DIY treats and decorations.

t The best thing about the summer is spending time outside with friends and family, and the same goes for celebrating the Fourth of July. So whether you’re having a picnic at the beach, heading to a friend’s pool party or hosting a backyard BBQ, get creative this Fourth of July with fun, patriotic-themed decorations and snacks that will give your celebration a festive vibe.

tIf you’re looking for last-minute creative ideas to take your Fourth of July party to the next level, check out these simple DIY food, drink and decor ideas to spruce up your party space, from the backyard to the front door.

t A buffet table gives you the opportunity to style a beautiful focal point for your party using food and drinks. Use festive decor to add patriotic touches that will wow your guests and keep them raving all day long. To set up your buffet, decorate your everyday serving plates and bowls using red or blue Washi tape and silver paper stars. Then, fill bowls with ice for serving foods that need to stay chilled, like ice cream or ice pops. Don’t forget to add a few American flags to your table.

t With a buffet table, guests can refill drinks and pick at your delicious homemade snacks. Whipping up a few tasty treats to fit the theme will satisfy your guests’ taste buds while adding to your party’s overall look.


t Creating an ice cream sundae station is a fun way to keep guests cool while spending hours in the sun. Use a tiered cake tray to display ice cream cones and cone dishes and fill Mason jars, or canning jars, with ice cream toppings like hot fudge, candy and sprinkles.


t Ice pops are a nostalgic summertime treat that can be enjoyed at any age. Create homemade red, white and blue layered ice pops using ice pop molds, fresh berries, milk and honey. Proudly display your patriotic pops over ice to keep them cold.


t Marshmallows are the perfect sweet treat for summer. Go one step further and create bite-sized marshmallow melts by dipping skewered marshmallows into melted white chocolate and then into red, white and blue sprinkles. Finish them off with festive ribbon and arrange them on a platter for guests to enjoy.


t If spending the day outside in the hot sun is on your Fourth of July agenda, having a refreshing drink in-hand is a must. Fill several Mason jars with your drink of choice, such as iced tea, lemonade or sparkling water. Try adding frozen berries instead of ice cubes to keep drinks cold and flavorful. Then, screw the lids on over colorful cupcake liners and insert festive paper straws. These cute beverage cups are perfect for the outdoors; since they’re covered, you don’t need to worry about dirt or bugs getting in.


t A rectangular window planter can easily be repurposed into a decorative ice bucket for chilling drinks. Paint the outside of the planter any color you want (we chose blue and red to keep with the patriotic theme) and use metallic permanent markers to write fun sayings and doodle designs like stars or fireworks. Finally, top the planter with ice and drinks and you’re ready to serve a crowd.


t Use bandannas or fabric in patriotic prints to create festive banners. This simple and inexpensive DIY will transform your plain buffet table into the center of the party. Create multiple banners to drape in other areas that could use a little more embellishment, such as fences, windows or doors. Scour the fabric store to find great deals on inexpensive Americana-style fabric you can mix and match; try combining gingham, burlap and denim for a country/rustic look.


t Create a wreath using red, white and blue paper folded into round medallions and glued to an embellished wreath from the craft store. A unique way to incorporate fresh flowers into your party’s theme is buying a few bouquets and clipping off the stems. Then, glue the flowers to cardboard letters to create USA signs. Display your wreath and floral letters on any door, window or wall and try to act surprised when guests say “Wow, you made that?”

Photo credit: Wayfair’s Ideas & Advice

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