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DIY patriotic decorative streamers

Since the Fourth of July is approaching and celebration is in the air, it’s a good time to think of some fun decorations to go with a patriotic theme. Whether you are planning to throw a party, have a little family reunion or simply relax at home, a little handmade decor will excite you and, most of all, show your pride in the U.S. this Independence Day.

I believe that nothing adds as much festive spirit as decorations made with your own two hands. This multifunctional patriotic string can be used in so many different ways that you can certainly let your imagination flow and use it just the way you like it. It can decorate your lamps and walls as a garland, wrap flower pots and table centerpieces, add patriotic touch to your mantels or you can use it as a patriotic lei. The nice thing about this craft is that it’s up to you and the possibilities are endless.


  • Self-adhesive red, blue and white paper (you can also use normal colorful paper and a glue)
  • A circle craft punch
  • Colorful markers (blue and red)
  • A white string
  • A spool for your string

DIY Patriotic decorative streamers


Step 1: Punch away colorful circles — make sure to have a lot of them so your string is long.

DIY Patriotic decorative streamers

Step 2: Draw circle, stripes or stars on the white circles using blue or red markers. If you prefer, you can also leave them plain.

Step 3: Lay the circles out next to the string in the order you want to see on your string.

DIY Patriotic decorative streamers

Step 4: Remove the paper backing and stick the circles together, placing them over the string.

Step 5: And now use it to decorate for the Fourth of July your own way.

DIY Patriotic decorative streamers

That’s it. So easy and so useful. Now you have your own multi-decorative patriotic string, ready for celebrating America’s holiday. Have you already got some decoration ideas? How would you like to use your string? Will you decorate your mantel with it? Or maybe your doorway? Share your ideas with us.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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