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Style your overgrown hairstyle

Over grown hair can drive us all insane, whether we are waiting to get in with a stylist, in between stages, or recovering from a bad cut. Here are some tips to help you bear with a bad hair day.

The problem: Overgrown bangs

Step 1 The Twist:

Step 1 The Twist:

Grab the sections of over grown bangs, twist and pin back into your style.

Step 2 The Braid:

Step 2 The Braid:

Grab three sections of hair, intertwine each strand until you create a braid and then pin back.

Step 3 Tease:

Step 3 Tease:

Comb out the section of bangs, spray with hairspray and tease under the bangs creating a base for bangs to be lifted.

The problem: Grey hair

Grey hair

Style your hair as usual, then grab a mascara and comb through to cover the grey hairs. If your hair is blonde or a lighter shade than your mascara, use a brown mascara or a blonde brow gel. This will be a temporary fix to a common eye sore.

The problem: Overgrown layers

Over grown layers

Curl hair to add life to the style, grab a section of hair spray with a texturizing spray or a teasing spray ( Redken Quick tease) backcomb then spread the section on each side to shape the style. By doing this it will create volume and height giving the illusion of shorter layers.

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