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Somewhere in this ball of fur you will find a cat

Let’s face it, some kitties are just too fluffy. And while they may be super adorable and nearly irresistible for a serious cuddle session, these cats may a little too furry for their own good.

Dust bunny

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Sleepy pussface. #pussface #catsofinstagram #persiancat

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Put that Swiffer down, this isn’t a dust bunny, it’s just a cute kitty napping.

The fluffmeister

Cancel your appointments, this rubdown is going to take some serious time.


The princess awaits her much-needed daily grooming session.

Lost in the abyss
If it weren’t for his squishy face, this kitty may get lost in the blankets.

Hide and seek
Thank goodness for those mesmerizing eyes, or her owner would chalk this kitty up to an oversized dust ball.

Turned up
Apparently, this kitty can’t handle her massive amount of fur because she is down for the count.

To knit or not to knit
This guy better be careful where he naps, or Grandma just may knit him into her next project.

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