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Home decor trends that men just don’t get

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious that home decor is more of the woman’s thing than the man’s. My husband proves this statement true with his thoughts on some of the most adorable home decorating trends on the market.

1. Chevron

chevron quilt

Chevron is all over our house — on our bed, hanging over the windows and even decorating our kitchen table. When the trend hit hard in 2012, my husband thought my “zigzag” obsession was cool. Two years later, he’s starting to get over it. “Can’t you just find some floral stuff like your mom has?” No, husband, chevron is the Laura Ashley floral of the ’90s, which means this pretty comforter will be on our bed when we’re 50 (Anthropologie, $28-$428). #boom

2. Shabby chic

shabby chic dresser

To my defense, I’ve always been a thrifter. I love finding funky bargains from estate sales and nearly faint over a good antique score, which my husband finds completely kosher. Although he’s not a fan of adding another project to the list, what he really hates is when I buy an already-done shabby-chic dresser online for an astronomical amount (Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, $2,100). “Couldn’t you just paint an old dresser?” he asks. Yes, husband, only let’s be honest, it would be you doing it for me. #wifewinsagain

3. Poufs

target pouf

My husband most certainly does not understand the notion of poufs. He believes they should be used for a college dorm-room coffee table or something to sit on when playing video games, which is impossible due to his man-length legs. “So, what are they used for?” he asks as we stroll through Target’s latest pouf collection (Target, $70). Pretty decorative home decor, of course! #rollseyes

4. Ombre

ombre curtains

Recently, we redid my daughter’s bedroom into a more fitting “big girl” space. Upon tossing design ideas around, I mentioned going ombre. “Like a man?” (We live in the Southwest, so he thought I was saying hombre.) No, honey, like the colors. Again, the husband didn’t get it; he thought it was best to choose one color and go with it rather than try to “mix it up.” Apparently, the husband doesn’t understand cute when he sees it. Lucky for him, I do. And while I didn’t win in the paint department, we do have a nice set of curtains hanging up to complete the look (Urban Outfitters, $49). #compromiseatitsfinest

5. Antlers


Now this is one trend you think a man would be all about. However, this is not the case in my house. My husband is not a hunter, nor am I, so why would we want antlers in our home? Because they’re ah-dorable, and we have a fireplace that’s just begging for a pair to hang above the mantel, especially a gold-dipped pair like these (Etsy, $48). But no, this is a battle I have yet to win. Until he can hunt his own game (which is never going to happen), there will never be an elk head or a pair of antlers on our wall. #stilltryingtosneakthemin

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