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This is how dogs really feel about cats

Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking about the cat of the house? We clue you in with these silly pup reactions to some of kitty’s everyday antics.

When the kitty first comes home…

sad dog

Photo credit: foodplot via YouTube

I’m trying to smile, but it’s so hard.

When the cat shows off his jumping skills…

dog with tongue out

Photo credit: Kirsty Forrester via YouTube

Take that, kitty!

When the cat tries to play with his tail…

dog side eye

Photo credit: PL: Funny Compilations via YouTube

Don’t touch me.

When the cat wants to taunt him after bath time

mad dog bath

Photo credit: Maryrose Dunton via YouTube

I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask me that right now.

When he has to “be nice” to the kitten….

dog attacked by kitten

Photo credit: tjmist via YouTube

If the human wasn’t here, you’d be my new chew toy.

When the cat disturbs his slumber

cat walking over dog'

Photo credit: dcjanelle via YouTube

Ugh. Would it really hurt you to go around?

When he hears the cat purring…

dog rolling eyes

Photo credit: Luccina75 via YouTube

You bore me, kitty. Absolutely bore me.

When the cat gets a treat and he doesn’t…

dog that's upset

Photo credit: Genevieve Anders via YouTube

I can’t even bare to watch right now.

When the kitty gets all the attention…

sad puppy

Photo credit: rarpictures via YouTube

I’m just so sad right now.

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