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These dogs are so big they look like horses

These dogs take “large and in charge” to an entire new level. And while we are positive that each has a pedigree, we’re just unsure if it’s listed under canine or equine.

The hunter and his apprentice
He hunts, she follows. Only he’s the horse dog and she’s the human.

Hay is for horses, “hey” is for Great Danes
This big guy is scoping out his next lady love.

You ain’t never seen a neck like this

Beyoncé’s got a booty and horses have legs, but what about giant dogs? They’ve got neck muscles for days.

Scoping out the farmers market

It’s a bit tough to know who does the shopping in this family, the owner or the horse dog?

The dog and pony show

She probably thinks it’s a pony that she’s loving on, but at this age, who can tell the difference?

Single and looking for love

He has yet to find a dog his size, so he’ll be posting this selfie to an E-Harmony site — E being for equestrian.

Tiny Tim meets Lucy Large
And they say opposites don’t attract?

I swear, I’m not a horse!
This humongous dog shows a failed attempt to prove he really is a dog.

Hey there, need a ride?

The new pick-up line of extra-large dogs everywhere.

Driving Miss Daisy
Big Bertha here doesn’t pull the carriage, she rides in style.

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