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11 patriotic dogs that will awaken your inner Yankee

These dogs are loyal to you and to the red, white and blue! Check out some of America’s most patriotic pups.

1. This bulldog posing in front of the flag.

Bulldog with an American flag
Image: Kim R/Flickr

2. This beautiful Pomeranian enjoying the outdoors.

Pomeranian with an American flag
Image: Hammerin Man/Flickr

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3. This German shepherd in training that just happens to be carrying a flag.

Patriotic German Shepherd
Image: Sara Stasi/Flickr

4. This black Lab, who solemnly gazes into the distance as he contemplates his unending loyalty to his country

5. These pretty Goldens just really like cake — I mean, the American flag
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6. This little buddy, earnestly pledging his allegiance to the flag

7. Whatcha doin’, big guy? “Oh, you know, just thinking about America and stuff”

8. This fierce Rottweiler gazes out of the window, reflecting on his duty to his motherland

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9. This pooch, whose glorious locks are flowing in the wind beneath an American flag — you can’t get any more American than this

10. This pup who is enjoying some patriotic streamers

Patriotic dog with streamers
Image: Pup Fan/Flickr

11. And finally, we love this little hat on this beautiful white pup

Dog in patriotic hat
Image: oh_candy/Flickr

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