Finally master the perfect winged eyeliner with this tool

No brushes? No problem! Create a blended winged eyeliner and eye shadow look with a handy tool you probably already have at home.

Some people have nightmares about being naked in public, or all their teeth falling out. I have nightmares about forgetting my makeup brushes on a trip or a shoot. I imagine how helpless I would feel, envisioning myself fumbling around trying to make eyeshadow look blended with my fingers. If God forbid this should ever happen, I now have a backup plan in the all mighty Q-tips™ cotton swabs. With a few of these, you can create a blended eye shadow look and no one will be none the wiser!

1. First, take a cotton swab and dip into your lid color shadow. I’m using a shimmery ivory color. Then, roll it from your inner corner to the outer corner, from lash line to crease, covering the entire lid. The rolling motion is key.

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

2. Flip your cotton swab over. To create a softly blended crease color, you’ll want to manipulate the cotton on the end. Pull it away from the stick and fluff it up so that the shadow applies subtly. Now, dip this newly created crease brush into a crease color. I like to use a matte, warm brown and lightly sweep in windshield wiper motions in the crease.

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

3. Now, soften up another cotton swab using the same method and dip the end into a darker color. Dab this color on the outer corner of your eye and then work in circular and sweeping motions to blend this color inwards and into the crease.

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

4. Next, take either a Q-tips™ Precision Tips or roll a regular cotton swab between your fingers to form a point. Use your mid tone shadow to apply a soft line of shadow to the lower lid.

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

5. After lining your eyes with eye liner, use a pointed cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to really sharpen and perfect your line!

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

Cotton swabs can be used in a myriad of other ways in the beauty department and because they are widely-available, they’re perfect for last-minute makeup emergencies!

Use a Q-tip as a blending brush

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