VIDEO: Using sex toys and kids to promote gun safety?

A clever ad by gun safety advocacy group Evolve reminds us that if kids find it, they’ll play with it. That goes for sex toys and, yes, guns.

Every year, 100 kids die from accidental shootings. Most of these kids shot themselves or were shot by other kids. Every single one of these deaths was preventable. Gun safety advocacy group Evolve hopes to educate gun owners about responsibility, especially when it comes to kids. In this clever ad, they catch our attention with an unexpected prop — dildos.

Kids will play with anything

I grew up around handguns. My dad showed my brother and I how to clean them and how to tell if the safety was on or off while we were still in elementary school. As a tween being left home alone for the first time, curiosity got the better of me and I looked for my dad’s guns once or twice. The guns were always locked away in gun safes.

I’m mortified to say that I’ve witnessed my toddler running down the hallway brandishing a bright yellow dildo like a little sword. It wasn’t my finest moment. Kids, like cats, will play with just about anything they come across. I’ve seen my kids play with Amazon boxes, masking tape, brooms, hair from the shower drain and screwdrivers. It’s simply in kids’ natures to play to improvise playthings — and if kids find a gun, that could mean horrific injury or death.

This clever video uses sex toys and kids to promote gun safety

Photo credit: Evolve via YouTube

Responsibility saves lives

Sometimes it takes the shocking sight of two kids having a dildo war to get people talking. If that’s what it takes to save lives, I’m all for it. Evolve proposes a code for all gun owners, with basic statements meant to appeal to both sides of the gun debate. Part of the code says, “I will talk to my kids about the fact that there are guns in our home and those guns will be properly stored.” That sounds reasonable to me.

I don’t own a gun, but I’m definitely looking for a lock box right now. Just sayin’.

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