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Jewelry trends for this summer

Here are this season’s top jewelry trends to spice up those flowing maxi dresses and crop tops.

t With all the glorious jewelry styles on the runways this season, it’s almost impossible not to get excited about diving into this summer’s latest trends. From daring tribal pieces to angelic 60s-inspired necklaces, you can bring tons of flavor to all your favorite fashions. Here are this season’s top jewelry trends to spice up those flowing maxi dresses and crop tops.

1. Tribal


t Tribal jewelry adds energy and a touch of exotic to flair to your outfits. When looking for tribal jewelry, you may look to all different cultures from Native American to Sub-Saharan Africa. These worldly fashions are rich with style and come in a variety of patterns and textures such as leather, stone and bone. You can combine this trend with a simple blouse or camisole for a balanced look.

t I recommend the “Heaven Beaded Necklace” from This lemon-yellow beads are laced in three layers similar to the Mayan collar necklace worn in various tribes. The piece evokes prestige and glamour for any chic evening out.

2. Vintage

tVintage Hallowed Leaf Bracelet Jewelry

t For the free-spirited gal, vintage jewelry brings warmth to any casual summer day outfit. These pieces are made from natural materials such as amber, stone and wood, which give off a rugged, earthy vibe. They are also made with lots of innovative details to create a strong sense of individuality.

t You can look to the “Hallowed Leaf Bracelet” by It reveals a beautiful combination of brown leather and golden charms to create the perfect laid-back vibe.

3. 60s inspired

tASOS Daisy Choker Necklace

t Step into the swinging 60s this summer with beautiful bright colors and flower charms. These pieces will add a lighthearted feeling of femininity and freshness to your breezy summer dresses.

t I recommend the Daisy Choker by, which features a goldtone finish and secure lobster clasp. You can wear this necklace stunningly with your favorite wedge sandals and your hair down for a true 60s babe look.

4.Edgy Cuffs

tMichael Jaccarino Edge Cuffs

t The cuff trend can make any woman feel like one fierce cat. Its bold, firm shape evokes a goddess-like feel, making it the perfect accessory for fashionistas who like to stand out. Also, its chunky shape offers a stunning complement to sleek staples like the little black dress and stiletto heels. You can also choose from a variety of materials such as metal, plastic and leather and match the colors of your outfit.

t You can try the “Multilayered Cuff” by This cuff features a series of intertwined bands of pink leather, making it a fun accessory to wear for outdoor parties or patio lunches. The best part is, you get to be fashionable while supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

5. Statement necklaces


t Statement necklaces are one of the hottest accessories this season. With provocative shapes and vibrant colors, these pieces are bound to make a strong entrance. You can wear a statement necklace with skinny jeans for a casual look or use it to tune up a simple strapless dress.

t I recommend the “Sharp Edges Necklace” by Its long tooth-like beads are a unique design, while its striking ultramarine-blue color offers a touch of drama.

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