Tips to help you sell your clothes online

If you want to earn extra money or just clear out your closet, try these helpful tips for selling your clothing online.


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t Selling clothes online can be an excellent way to make extra money, whether you own an online boutique or just have used items that you no longer wear. There are several elements that go into being a successful seller online. But once you put in the extra effort and time, you are sure to see your sales increase and the money start to roll in by following these two tips.

Images are key

t The key to selling clothes online is to take lots of pictures of each item. People like to know what they are buying so take pictures from every angle you can. By showing each item at three different angles, you are giving a clear view of how the garment looks, including any details, tears or defects that it may have. Remember: Honest sellers are good sellers.

t Before you even start clicking with the camera, you want to figure out the best way to display each item. If you are an amateur photographer, the simplest technique is to shoot the clothing flat or folded. This means that you lay the clothing down on a flat surface and take pictures from over the clothing. Lay each item out separately on a blanket or piece of fabric. Then once you have the picture you can crop any extra blanket out in editing. One hurdle can be figuring out how to get the picture from high enough so that the entire item is in the frame. For this you may want to consider using a tripod, a stepladder or standing on a table over the item (just make sure to watch out for shadows).

t Another way that you can take pictures of the clothing you wish to sell is by either using a live model or mannequins. Models and mannequins definitely provide you with a more striking image. Find several of your friends that look great in pictures and ask them to model the clothing. If you are selling jewelry, take some pictures of it being worn by one of your friends and some pictures of the jewelry being shown alone. Variety in photos is always a good thing. It is important to note that shooting on-form can be more time consuming than shooting flat. It also requires proper lighting, which involves very large lights that most people don’t have, so make sure to plan ahead.

t Whether you decide to use the flat option or the on-form option, there are several lighting tricks that will help you get your best shot. First of all, natural light is always best. Try to set up your shots near a window that receives a good dose of natural light. If the weather permits, you can even try to take pictures outside early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the light is at its best. If natural light isn’t an option, make sure to use image editing software that allows you to play around with the color. Also, remember to use your flash on larger items of clothing, but turn it off for smaller items like accessories and jewelry.

Be descriptive

t Once you have great pictures, the clothes will basically sell themselves. All you need to do is write a description of each item, starting with an eye-catching headline.

t The body of the description should include basic details such as size, style and color. You should also make sure to include the type of fabric used since this can be difficult to tell from just viewing your photos. Describe the fabric in enough detail so that your prospective buyer has an idea of how the clothing will feel on her body.

t Nothing will create a return faster than a disappointed buyer which is why it’s extremely important to be honest about the condition of the clothing that you’re selling. Mention small holes, tears, frays, stains and anything else that gives your buyer insight as to the wear of your clothing.

t The more information you provide, the more comfortable your customer will be in making a purchase, but try to make an effort not to be boring. Instead of just listing the details of the clothes you plan on selling, try to delight your web visitors with compelling product descriptions.

t These clothing-specific tips will help you with maximizing your profits, whether you’re just selling items you no longer wear or are an entrepreneur looking to start your own online boutique.


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