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10 Trends our dads coined before they were cool

Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere. Can we take a second to recognize just how cool our dads are?

There’s a lot to be said about “dad style.” I mean, just look at the crotch-invading, tightly-belted dad jeans sported by some of America’s most public figures. Ugh, just ugh.

Fortunately, not all “dad style” is painstakingly embarrassing. Think about what your dad wore when you were a kid. Before frat boys donned deep V’s… before Donald Trump combed his hair over and said “you’re fired“… and before hipsters everywhere put on Buddy Holly glasses and sipped espresso… dads were rocking these kicka** looks.

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1. Flannel

Parenting Expert Janell Poulette has one fashionable dad. Check him out here, staying warm in his flannel shirt and dark-wash jeans on Christmas Day. Hipsters got nothin’ on this guy.

If these two dads weren’t friends, they probably should have been. Hayley Crowell’s dad also effortlessly rocked the flannel shirt. We can see where our Community Manager gets her pretty blonde hair from.

2. Short shorts

We love this pic from Kristine Cannon, our Entertainment Editor. Short shorts are just the best… especially on the lake.

Also, pedal boats for $1? Oh how times have changed.

3. Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms may not be in right now, but they’ve definitely resurfaced since the ’70s and we secretly hope to see them again someday.Our Editorial Project Manager Natalie Schwab’s dad paired his with a silky purple deep V-neck.

Nice pattern! Tech Expert Abby Fichtner sent in this photo of her dad, who also looked super cool in his bell bottoms.

4. Donald Trump hair

Who says comb-overs can’t be trendy? Our awesome Food Expert, Carolyn Ketchum sent in this picture of her dad, and we think he rocks this look. Maybe even better than Donald.

5. Deep V’s

Now that’s a V-neck. This look has made a serious comeback in recent years, but we appreciate that Daniella Florin Tuerack’s dad paired his with a sweet ‘stache.

6. The side part

The classic side part was replaced with spiked hair and messy ‘dos for a while there, but we’re so glad it’s back. Sports Expert Kristen Hewitt’s dad looks dapper in this photo.

7. Vests

From Coachella to couture runways, vests are everywhere right now. Parenting Expert Deborah Cruz sent in this photo of her dad, and we’re totally wishing we could get our hands on that two-toned vest.

8. Coke bottle and Buddy Holly glasses

Wearing glasses is so in right now that even people with 20/20 vision are sporting the look. The bigger the glasses, the better. Check out this family photo from our Home and Living Editor, Kelli Uhrich.

9. Tan suits

Here’s another great family photo, sent in from our very own VP of Experts, Kate Durkin. Suits may change shape over the years, but they will never go out of style.

10. The duck face

Long before “selfie” made its way into the dictionary, our Beauty Editor Catherine Conelly and her dad had mastered the duck face. Talk about adorable.

11. The cap and gown

Being smart never goes out of style. Check out this pic of our Director of Content Crystal Brown’s dad in his graduation photo.

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Twitter and Instagram using #fbf #dadstyle and #skexperts.

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