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6 Reasons to start decorating your rental, right now

If you think that decorating a temporary space is pointless, let me tell you why it’s totally not.


t I’ll be the first to admit that decorating can be intimidating. Especially when you live in a space that you rent. When you may not be able to paint walls or do anything that will permanently alter the space, it gets a little tricky to make it your own. I’ve let this fact give me decorating paralysis, but not anymore. If you think that decorating a temporary space is pointless, let me tell you why it’s totally not.

1. It is your home; make it feel like you

t It may not be the space that you plan to spend the rest of your life in, but if you’ve signed a lease, you’ve got at least six months to a year. Take the time and make your rental space feel like you, whether it’s some DIY art, a handmade blanket your granny knitted or those cool bookends from Anthropologie. Add in the small touches that give it your personality.

2. You get the chance to learn your style

t Practice totally makes perfect. It took a ton of “oops” for me to really begin to learn what I loved and what I hated. When I finally get my dream home, I’ll know exactly what colors to avoid and what kind of art I want to hang on my walls.

3. So that it doesn’t feel so temporary

t When you think of a space as temporary, you treat it as temporary. We lived in a rental for a full two years before I decided to hang window treatments. Sure we had blinds but it felt cold and temporary because I was waiting on my dream home. Now that I hung those curtains, our temporary space is feeling like the home I keep dreaming about.

4. To make it comfortable and relaxing

t Nothing says home less than empty walls and living out of boxes. It really is worth it to decorate your rental space simply for peace of mind. Instead of staring at four blank walls that you can’t stand, cover them with art and personal mementos that you love.

5. So you can have people over and not be embarrassed

t I hate having to apologize for this or that when someone walks through my door. Once I invested some time into decorating my home I stopped doing that and was happy to welcome people into my home.

6. It’s fun!

t Shopping of any kind is fun. But shopping for your home is especially fun because while doing so you’re building a home. And not only that, but you’re also collecting things that you can take with you to your dream home. I tend to do a ton of money-saving DIYs for our rental and it’s become one of my favorite hobbies.

t No matter how temporary a space is, you want to feel like you’re home at the end of a long day. The time and effort is definitely worth it when you can sink into your couch in a room that’s totally you.

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