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L’Oréal’s new makeup app is a makeup genius

Here’s a scenario that is all too familiar in my makeup life: seeing a trend or trick online, buying or gathering the goods, attempting the look, hating the look, washing my face and starting from scratch.

But now, the fine folks at L’Oréal Paris could be saving me (and us all) a lot of time and energy and face wash with their new makeup app, Makeup Genius.

Which, is clearly what we will all be once we start using it.

Here’s how it works: Fancy facial-mapping technology turns your smartphone’s camera into a virtual mirror for trying on products and looks in real time. Oh, and it’s not like some of the apps of the past, where it’s close but you still kinda have to squint to get the picture. Makeup Genius uses 64 facial data points and 100 different facial expressions. So if you change your expression, or move your head for a different angle, or change lighting, it (the look) moves with you.

Genius, right?

And since tons of us are guilty of using our front-facing camera as a mirror anyway (hello, my favorite way to put on lipstick in cabs), now we can use this same handy trick to see how certain trends look on us, or to digitally dabble with curated looks created by makeup artists.

Thanks to technology developed in the gaming industry, you can even scan an ad or image for an exact color match to try on. You’re essentially one click away from even the wildest of beauty experiments.

So no more wasting money on makeup that doesn’t suit you, or spending hours on a look that you end up loathing. The beauty world just majorly stepped their game up.

Your move, fitness apps.

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