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Summer is right around the corner

For those of you who are wondering what I’ve been up to since my pink leotard and ponytail (with matching pink scrunchie) days, there’s quite a bit.

tFirst of all I just wanted to tell you all how excited I am to be a guest blogger for SheKnows. I love reading all the other Experts articles, so this is so cool for me to now be one of them.

t For those of you who are wondering what I’ve been up to since my pink leotard and ponytail (with matching pink scrunchie) days, there’s quite a bit. I finally started school at New York University. I have definitely felt like an oddball for many reasons, but mostly because I’m about five or six years older than my other classmates.

t But regardless I’m trying (keyword, trying) to fit in. I’m just about halfway through. My goal is to graduate in May of 2016 before I head to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. I won’t be competing this time, but just like I did in London and Sochi, I will be on the broadcast team for NBC. I do the commentating for gymnastics (tune in to our National Championships Aug. 22-26 on NBC). I’m also in the process of a really fun project I’ll tell you about in the next month or two. It requires me to put my design hat on, which I’m so excited about.

t Anyway, with summer just around the corner I wanted to share a few of my favorite snacks, and how to stay healthy and happy in the dreaded heat that’s right around the corner.

Some of my favorite summertime snacks and drinks:

  • Frozen grapes are amazing, right? Well, my new favorite this summer is frozen blueberries. My friend tried them, and told me about it, and now I’m hooked.
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  • Fresh watermelon is one of my all-time summer favorites. (Did you know it consists of 90 percent water?)
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  • Gluten-free brown rice wrap with kale, Brussels sprouts, avocado and sliced turkey makes a great lunch that you can take with you or eat at home.
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  • Sliced cucumbers, bell peppers and carrots with plain hummus.


t Photo credit: Sara Lynn Paige/Moment/Getty Images

t I try to avoid salt and sugar, which can make you feel swollen or bloated especially when it’s hot and humid out.

t Drinking plenty of water is so important especially during these summer months. If you’re one of those people who say “I just hate water,” try adding some mashed-up raspberries and strawberries for a fun kick to it.

t I also love making my own lemonade, and it’s so easy. Water, ice and squeeze a bunch of lemons. If you need a little sweetness in there add a little stevia or agave.


t Photo credit: martiapunts/iStock/360/Getty Images

t Last but not least, don’t we all get the urge to have a little dessert once in a while? Well, my motto has always been everything in moderation. How perfect and cute are Baked by Melissa (photo above) mini cupcakes? I just hosted my first summer rooftop party and they were such a hit.

t Until next time… happy summer! xo, Nastia

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