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Frustrated? Stop banging your head against the wall

Do you ever get the feeling you’re just banging your head against a wall? Figuratively speaking, I mean. There might be a lesson you need to learn.

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tDo you ever get the feeling you’re just banging your head against a wall?

tFiguratively, I mean.

t This is how I’ve been feeling lately. You see, I was trying to set up a particular marketing strategy for my book and the whole project ground to a standstill for months on end while I continued to push, pull, shove, maneuver and stubbornly persevere.

t Frustration mounted, I stopped enjoying the process and I couldn’t even seem to find time to be creative anymore. I suddenly realized I’d stopped doing all the things I loved and brought me joy. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Do you ever have one of those dreams where you’re running but just not getting anywhere?

t Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for perseverance. Perseverance has brought me to where I am in life. Perseverance has allowed me to survive the hard times and rise from them triumphantly.

tHowever, there’s a massive difference between perseverance and just plain stubbornness.

t I had to face that this was killing my creativity and ultimately must simply not be in line with my higher purpose. When the universe keeps putting roadblocks in your way, it’s usually trying to get you to learn a lesson. There was nothing inherently wrong with it. This was definitely a powerful marketing strategy which would allow me to turbo-boost my message to reach more women. It was all good stuff, in theory.

t But it just didn’t “feel” right. And rather than listening to my heart and trusting that I would still get my message out there in an organic and authentic way, I persevered and kept listening to my head. It was costing me so much time, causing so much frustration and made me feel tired and despondent.

t Until I realized, this simply was not in line with what I was all about. It just didn’t resonate with me and that is why it was a struggle.

t Yes, I wanted to do some clever marketing, reach more people and have this book be the biggest success it can possibly be. Yes, yes, yes to all of that. However, it wasn’t about “making deals” and it certainly wasn’t about compromising my authenticity. I have to say that although it’s a bit painful at the time, I am so grateful the lessons we need to learn will continue to hit us over the head until we get the message.

t Yes, persevere, by all means. Always persevere, but only in pursuit of your goals, your dreams, things that light up your soul with passion and joy. Not in pursuit of what you’ve been told you should do, what would be a great idea or what would really impress other people.

t We’re wanting to live our life in a way that goes beyond all that, aren’t we?

t We’re wanting to live in genuine authenticity, honoring our true self, serving our higher purpose.

t When you’re on the wrong path, you will hit roadblocks. The sooner you figure it out, the smaller the headache you’ll create for yourself.

t The universe is far more stubborn than you can ever be, trust me.

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