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Part Two: My mom was an Expert in…

More Experts share memories of their moms and their expertise for Mother’s Day.

Laughing at herself

Raised: Amanda Mahan, Author


t Photo credit: Amanda Mahan

t “My mom has taught me many important things: how to line my lips without looking, the importance of statement jewelry and how you can never have enough shoes.

t But she is a true ‘expert’ in laughing at herself. She taught me how important it is to not take yourself too seriously, not stay mad for too long (still working on that one) and to be quick to smile (even when the joke is on you). Life has plenty of ‘downs’ all on its own. There is no need to make more for yourself by not having a sense of humor. I know that this expertise has had an impact on my writing and is probably why my characters in ‘Heiress, P.I.’ are fun, funny and always looking to the bright side. Plus they like shoes.

t This is me and my mom taking a very serious selfie. Like our necklaces?”

Creating a sense of community

Raised: Courtney Nichols Gould, Healthy Living Expert


t Photo credit: Matt Dayka

t “If ever there were a kid whisperer, my mom, known to all as ‘Baba,’ is it. On a recent trip, I watched her chase a band of giggling kids, complete strangers just 30 minutes before, and was reminded why I wanted to bring her with me to this remote Peruvian village high in the Andes. When we started our company, SmartyPants , I knew we wanted to make giving a key component of our mission. It’s something my mom taught me.

t As we crossed the mark of 500,000 kids reached with our matching nutrient grant, it seemed like the right time to see the work of our partner, Vitamin Angels, in action.

t Baba worked to instill in me a sense of community since I was a little girl. She always cared, always saw all children as her children too, so sharing our work with her brings it all full circle, at 14,000 feet. Thousands of miles from home. In a game of tag.

t On our last day, we wanted to shoot a short video recapping what we saw and the impact these programs make. Baba, being Baba, could barely get through an answer without choking up given how moved she was by the grace with which these women handled such challenging circumstances.

t But that’s what makes her her and what helped make me me. Together, we found ourselves 14,000 feet up in the Andes sharing stories about getting kids into bed on time, off to school and dreaming of a brighter future for us all. There is no them or us. There is only we, and I am humbled and forever grateful for the reminder.”

Raising eight children

Raised: Melissa Cook, DIY & How-to Expert


t My mother is wonderful. She did a fabulous job of raising the eight children in my family and I will be forever grateful to her for it.

t My fondest memory of my mother was when she would do my hair every day before school. She was definitely an expert at it and I can remember, as early as kindergarten, my mother braiding my hair into French braids and fishtail braids, ponytails and pigtails, even curling and crimping it (my personal favorite) for special occasions. She taught me how to braid and do my own hair at an early age and that ability has become one of my true passions.

t She will forever be someone that I greatly love and admire. I am so grateful for her, for the things she taught me throughout my life and her service to me. I love you, Mom!”

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