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My mom was an Expert in…

In light of Mother’s Day, our Experts are sharing memories of their own moms and their inspiring expertise.

Balancing work and family

Raised: Nora Tobin, Fitness Expert


Photo credit: Nora Tobin

t“My mom was an expert in balancing a full-time career and her family. She was able to take such great care of us while representing children in family law. Her ability to give us her genuine love while running her own business was incredibly inspiring. She always encouraged my brother and me to go after our dreams, treat others with kindness and work as hard as possible. I’m truly grateful to have grown up with a mom, best friend and role model. She’s the best.”

Making life more festive

Raised: Victoria Austin, Travel Expert


Photo credit: Victoria Austin

t “My mom was always (and still is) an expert at being festive and making things fun and happy. She always loved to decorate and made sure that all holidays were celebrated, and most important, that me and my sister felt loved and special. This carried over to me and I now share her passion for taking time out of the daily routine to have a little fun and celebrate special occasions.”

Crisis management

Raised: Anna De Souza, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert


t Photo credit: Anna De Souza

t “My mom is definitely an expert crisis manager. From whipping up a hot and delicious meal with two-day-old leftover Chinese food rice to finding a speedy solution to any problem that plagues you. Hello, ripped hemline, lost keys or need-an-electric-drill-but-don’t-have-one issues, we’re talking ’bout you. She has the whole Olivia Pope-style handling of business down pat. She’s honestly a modern day MacGyver with heart.

t She’s the kindest, most loving person you’ll ever meet and I’ve never known anyone to give back to so many like she does. Her ‘one good deed per day’ mantra is so inspirational and speaks to who she is in so many ways. Dealing with a problem? Fret not, she’s happy to manage crises in your life, just give her a jingle… and a smile.”

Running a household

Raised: Lori Pace, Parenting Expert


t Photo credit: Lori Pace

t “My mom is an amazing woman. Besides adopting me at 8 years old, she has always been my go-to for support and opinions when I need them. One thing that I can say my mom is an expert at is running a household. We never had a cluttered house. Dishes were never in the sink. Laundry was never piled up. I don’t know how she does it, but she set such a good example for me on how to run a house and raise kids. For that, I thank her this Mother’s Day.”

Support and advice

Raised: Erica Dermer, Gluten-free Expert


t Photo credit: Erica Dermer

t “My mom has always been a great support in my life. She’s an expert in support and giving advice (even if I don’t always take it) and she should probably have her own column in the Sunday paper. She’s always taught me to speak my mind and be my own person. ‘Get laid off? You’ll be okay, do your own thing and be in business for yourself. Start your own company. Write a book.’ Whatever I did, she was always proud of me and was captain of my support team. For that, I’m thankful she’s my mom.”


Raised: Kellie Brown, Fashion Expert


t Photo credit: Kellie Brown

t “My mom is an expert in encouragement. There was never a time in my life when she didn’t fully support my often whimsical ideas for my life. She understood from an early age that I was creative and needed to try things on for size before committing to one path. I think this is something that can be hard for a lot of parents, when you have an ideal of what your child should be in your head and they are just a little bit left of center. Her unconditional love and support is one of the biggest reasons for my current successes. If I become one-tenth of the woman she is, I will be truly awesome.”

Being a single mom

Raised: Kristin Hammill, Money Expert


t Photo credit: Kristin Hammill

t “My mom was an expert in raising three kids by herself. She always made sure we had what we needed, stressed the importance of education and independence and taught us you don’t need fancy things to be happy. By living on the basics and using coupons (maybe that’s where I get it from), she was able to take us on amazing vacations that let us see the rest of the world. Here we are in Poland a few years ago.”

Making the most out of a day

Raised: Bouvier Eulen, Maternity Style Expert


t “My mom was and still is an expert in making the most out of a 24-hour day. Ever since we were kids my mom always juggled working full time, making meals and making sure I got to every single extracurricular activity I was involved in without a single complaint. She taught me that a mother’s love is unconditional, unselfish and requires a whole lot of sacrifice. I can only hope to be as wonderful a mother to my daughter as she has been to my sisters and me.”

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