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My green thumb gene

Candace Soriano

I am continuing my father’s tradition of gardening, growing and cultivating lifelong friendships.

t Throughout my childhood, I was raised in a town of suburbia, where I was fortunate to have a very large backyard to play in with friends. Thankfully, that was all my father’s doing and his love for being outdoors. If I didn’t find my dad barbecuing on the grill, I’d find him working on another landscaping project. He planted every vegetable and herb you can imagine in the garden. It was a great excuse to invite family, friends and neighbors over for our homegrown and homemade dinner. There were so many wonderful gatherings held and numerous jokes and stories told in our backyard.

t Since then, I’ve instilled the tiny green thumb gene in me now that I live in a big city. My favorite is planting mint leaves in my kitchen because they are very mild for the living conditions they require and the smell reminds me of my childhood home. I use them in my tea, freshly squeezed juices and to garnish my cool spring and summer cocktails and snacks. Fresh-cut flowers are a must-have in my apartment and vital to my everyday work as an interior designer. Naturally, when the weather is warm and plants are in bloom, I host outside picnics or an afternoon soiree for my closest friends. There’s simply nothing greater than revisiting my roots and sharing traditions with ones I love.


t Fresh mint planted in my kitchen.


t Seasonal flowers for guests.


t Fresh-cut tulips for the centerpiece.


t Watermelon and feta summer snack garnished with my homegrown mint.


t Get outdoors and enjoy your company with fun-filled moments.

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