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The Coachella checklist: 10 Things to bring

From beauty products to wardrobe essentials, head to Coachella completely prepared this year!


Photo credit: Jessica Delane

t It’s that time of year again! Festivals are in full swing with our famous California event right around the corner (Coachella!). May the chic crop tops, neon shorts and John Lennon shades be flaunted. Last year was my first time at the event, and I have to admit I had no idea what I was supposed to bring aside from the fashion staples.

t Little did I know, a cold sand storm would hit and I’d be covered from head to toe in dirt. Not ideal when you are wearing cutoffs. I also had no idea how far apart every venue is, which kills the feet without proper footwear. Not to mention, clean towels and moisturizer are like gold out there! Needless to say, there were many staples I should have packed. I decided this year to learn from my experience, spend much more time preparing and look up tips and tricks from regular festival-goers. The list below compiles the bare essentials for attending the event.


Photo credit: Kristen Rumack


Extra towels

t Towels tend to get a lot dirtier a lot faster when you’re outside. Even though you may not get a shower every day, washing your face with a clean towel every time is glorious.


Comfortable footwear

t The fashion at this event is top-notch, but there is no need to go all out on footwear. Stick to something comfortable since the days are very long and you want to be able to dance a lot.


Dry shampoo

t The lines for showers could take up to a few hours. No thanks. Dry shampoo is a miracle cure for sweat and dirt. It also is a perfect way to boost volume and give you an effortless look.


Cozy sweater

t Being cold is miserable, so avoid it by packing one incredibly comfy, warm sweater. The nights can get chilly. This will save you.


Extra sunnies

t Chances are high you will lose your sunglasses over the four days. No need to struggle during the bright days without shades. Throw in a cheap pair as a backup.


Multi-purpose wipes

t These are ideal to avoid the long shower lines, freshen up in between sets or simply clean your hands. Bring two boxes since your friends will most likely want a few.


Tinted sunscreen

t Forget the concealer and stick to a tinted sunscreen. You will protect your face and get a flawless look, all-in-one!


Ear plugs

t No matter what time you go to bed, you will not be the last when you are camping. There are folks up all hours of the night so block out the noise and get some sleep.


Solar charger

t Keep in touch with your friends without having to wait in line to charge your phone with this nifty solar charger:


Lip balm with sunscreen

t The long hours in the sun can easily fry your lips. Keep them protected with a lip balm that contains an 30-plus SPF.

t For workouts and recipes to get you in tip-top shape for the big event, check out

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